ALL images on this site are available as prints and greeting cards regardless of availability of original. Most are available within postcard sets.

Actual dimensions of original paintings, most are either 30″X22″ or 22″X15″, can vary up to about 1/2″


Want your original or art print framed? Prices for a standard brushed silver frame with an off white matt or something similar, as in the photo below are:

15″X11″ – $40

22″X15″ – $60

26″X19″ – $70

30″X22″ – $80

3a standard silver frame

Framing is FREE with purchase of an original or commissioned painting.


15″X11″ = 2 1/2″ (wall space size = 20″X16″)

22″X15″ = 2 1/2″ (wall space size = 27″X20″)

26″X19″ = 3″ (wall space size = 32″X25″)

30″X22″ = 3″ (wall space size = 36″X28″)


Have you got a favorite street, building, waterfall, maybe your home, or any scene you would like a painting of? I can do an original for you and work from photographs if necessary. Prices are below for the most common sizes, but not limited to these. Prices are the same for black and white as for color. However, I will make you a free uncolored digital file before before I add the watercolor in your painting if you request. See examples below.

From left to right: uncolored, black and white, and colored.


UNCOLORED             BLACK AND WHITE                 COLORED

15”X11” – $350 (often captures enough detail for your home or business if surrounding isn’t very important)

15”X22” – $650 (best size for most requests, especially street or industrial scenes)

22”X30” – $1100  (recommended for panoramic cityscapes and distant scenes)



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