Due to unexpected popularity, the postcard sets are back! With improved quality and expanded to 19 sets versus 10. Otherwise, same price and they come in the Oregon themed sets of six per package. $12 per set, standard 4”X6” size. Indexes are below, look on the “Oregon Paintings” page to see larger images.






1 – Bridges of Portland 1 (Sellwood Bridge, Ross Island Bridge, Morrison Bridge, Hawthorne Bridge, Tilikum Crossing)

2 – Bridges of Portland 2 (Burnside Bridge, Steel Bridge, Fremont Bridge, Saint Johns Bridge, Swinging RR Bridge, Broadway Bridge)







3 – Sellwood/Moreland Neighborhood (Moreland Theater, Bertie Lou’s and Jake’s Place, SE Bybee Street, Black Cat Tavern, Entering Sellwood, The Muddy Rudder)







4 – Kenton/Saint Johns Neighborhood (The Cut, NE Vancouver Ave Overpass, Willamette Avenue Water Towers, Proper Eats and Saint Johns Theater, The Kenton)







5 – NW Portland Neighborhoods (Swifts at Chapman School, Powell’s Books and Rocco’s Pizza, NW Glisan and 21st Ave. Intersection,  Crystal Hotel and Jake’s, Union Station, West Burnside and 2nd Avenue Intersection)







6 – SW Portland Neighborhoods (Vista Avenue Bridge, View From the Ross Island Bridge, Gibbs Street Aerial Tram, Multnomah Village, SW Broadway and 6th Avenue Intersection)







7 – NE Portland Neighborhoods (Laurelhurst Theater, The Alibi, Flying Pie Corner, Alberta Rose Theater, NE Broadway and 28th Avenue Intersection, Sauvie Island Bridge)







8 – SE Portland Neighborhoods 1 (The Pied Cow, View From the Sellwood Bridge, Legare’s, SE Division and 8th Avenue Crossing, Mcloughlin Avenue, Clinton Corners)







9 – SE Portland Neighborhoods 2 (Reed College London Plain Tree, Woodstock, Rocking Frog Cafe, SE Ochoco and 17th Avenue Crossing, SE Belmont Street, SE Hawthorne and 50th Avenue Intersection)







10 – Oregon Small Towns 1 (Entering Oregon City, Balconies at Silver Creek/Silverton, Mount Angel Town Common, Commercial and 8th Street Intersection/Astoria, Bridge Street/Vernonia, Paisley)







11 – Oregon Small Towns 2 (Downtown Hood River, Jefferson and Bridge Street Intersection/Vernonia, Entering Mill City, Water Street/Silverton, Bridge Street/Sheridan, Sylvia Beach Hotel/Newport)







12 – Scio Covered Bridges (Hannah, Shimanek, Larwood, Gilkey, Banks Saw Mill, Hoffman)









13 – Oregon Rivers 1 (Entrance to the Sandy River Gorge, Clackamas River Narrows, Class 6 Gorge at Mill Creek, Molalla River Narrows, Table Rock Gorge, The GOPH)







14 – Oregon Rivers 2 (Three Pools/Opal Creek, View From Crown Point/Willamette,, Sherar Falls/Dechutes/ Lewis and Clark River at Fort Clatsop, Latourell Falls/Columbia Gorge, Flock Falls/Opal Creek)







15 – Oregon Rivers 3 (Tryon Cove/Willamette, Crooked River Gorge, Slides at Lake Creek, Baby Bear Rapid/Molalla, Rafters at Carter Bridge/Clackamas)









16 – Silver Falls State Park 1 (Middle North Falls, Double Falls, Upper North Falls, Lower South Falls, Middle Butte Creek Falls/Scotts  Mills)







17 – Silver Falls State Park 2 (Drake Falls, Twin Falls, Lower North Falls, Upper South Falls, 214 Falls, Abiqua Falls/Scotts Mills)









18 – Waterfalls of the Columbia Gorge 1 (Multnomah Falls, Weisendanger Falls, Ecola Falls, Lower Oneonta Falls, Top of Horsetail Falls, Triple Falls)









19 – Waterfalls of the Columbia Gorge 2 (Twister Falls, Skoonichuck Falls, Pools at Loowitt Falls, Upper Punchbowl Falls, Wachella Falls, Fairy Falls)