These come in the Oregon themed sets of six per package. $12 per set, standard 4”X6” size. Indexes are below, look on the “Oregon Paintings” page to see larger images of listed paintings.


1 – Bridges of Portland 1 (Sellwood Bridge, Ross Island Bridge, Morrison Bridge, Hawthorne Bridge, Tilikum Crossing)

2 – Bridges of Portland 2 (Burnside Bridge, Steel Bridge, Fremont Bridge, Saint Johns Bridge, Swinging RR Bridge, Broadway Bridge)

3 – Sellwood/Moreland Neighborhood (Moreland Theater, Bertie Lou’s and Jake’s Place, SE Bybee Street, Black Cat Tavern, Entering Sellwood, The Muddy Rudder)

4 – Kenton/Saint Johns Neighborhood (The Cut, NE Vancouver Ave Overpass, Willamette Avenue Water Towers, Proper Eats and Saint Johns Theater, The Kenton)

5 – NW Portland Neighborhoods (Swifts at Chapman School, Powell’s Books and Rocco’s Pizza, NW Glisan and 21st Ave. Intersection,  Crystal Hotel and Jake’s, Union Station, West Burnside and 2nd Avenue Intersection)

6 – SW Portland Neighborhoods (Vista Avenue Bridge, View From the Ross Island Bridge, Gibbs Street Aerial Tram, Multnomah Village, SW Broadway and 6th Avenue Intersection)

7 – NE Portland Neighborhoods (Laurelhurst Theater, The Alibi, Flying Pie Corner, Alberta Rose Theater, NE Broadway and 28th Avenue Intersection, Sauvie Island Bridge)

8 – SE Portland Neighborhoods 1 (The Pied Cow, View From the Sellwood Bridge, Legare’s, SE Division and 8th Avenue Crossing, Mcloughlin Avenue, Clinton Corners)

9 – SE Portland Neighborhoods 2 (Reed College London Plain Tree, Woodstock, Rocking Frog Cafe, SE Ochoco and 17th Avenue Crossing, SE Belmont Street, SE Hawthorne and 50th Avenue Intersection)

10 – Oregon Small Towns 1 (Entering Oregon City, Balconies at Silver Creek/Silverton, Mount Angel Town Common, Commercial and 8th Street Intersection/Astoria, Bridge Street/Vernonia, Paisley)

11 – Oregon Small Towns 2 (Downtown Hood River, Jefferson and Bridge Street Intersection/Vernonia, Entering Mill City, Water Street/Silverton, Bridge Street/Sheridan, Sylvia Beach Hotel/Newport)

12 – Scio Covered Bridges (Hannah, Shimanek, Larwood, Gilkey, Banks Saw Mill, Hoffman)

13 – Oregon Rivers 1 (Entrance to the Sandy River Gorge, Clackamas River Narrows, Class 6 Gorge at Mill Creek, Molalla River Narrows, Table Rock Gorge, The GOPH)

14 – Oregon Rivers 2 (Three Pools/Opal Creek, View From Crown Point/Willamette,, Sherar Falls/Dechutes/ Lewis and Clark River at Fort Clatsop, Latourell Falls/Columbia Gorge, Flock Falls/Opal Creek)

15 – Oregon Rivers 3 (Tryon Cove/Willamette, Crooked River Gorge, Slides at Lake Creek, Baby Bear Rapid/Molalla, Rafters at Carter Bridge/Clackamas)

16 – Silver Falls State Park 1 (Middle North Falls, Double Falls, Upper North Falls, Lower South Falls, Middle Butte Creek Falls/Scotts  Mills)

17 – Silver Falls State Park 2 (Drake Falls, Twin Falls, Lower North Falls, Upper South Falls, 214 Falls, Abiqua Falls/Scotts Mills)

18 – Waterfalls of the Columbia Gorge 1 (Multnomah Falls, Weisendanger Falls, Ecola Falls, Lower Oneonta Falls, Top of Horsetail Falls, Triple Falls)

19 – Waterfalls of the Columbia Gorge 2 (Middle Bridal Veil Falls, Lower Bridal Veil Falls, Wahkeena Falls, Lower Punchbowl Falls, Wachella Falls, Fairy Falls)

20 – Waterfalls of Eagle Creek (Metlako Falls, Pools at Loowitt Falls, Upper Punchbowl Falls, Skoonichuck Falls, Tunnel Falls, Twister Falls)