Sold paintings


West Side of Mount Toby, South Deerfield, Massachusetts, October 1990, oil, 20″X28″, (Scott Cram, Australia)

Slums on J Street, Turners Falls, Massachusetts, October 1991, oil, 28″X20″ (unknown customer, Vermont)

Waterfalls at South River Station, Conway, Massachusetts, March 1992, ink and watercolor, 30″X22″ (Johnathan and Susan Shopiro, Kissammee Florida)

Halifax Gorge, Halifax, Vermont, October 1992, oil, 18″X30″ (unknown customer, Vermont)

Haymarket Cafe, Northampton, Massachusetts, April 1994, ink and watercolor, 15″X11″ (Paul Caponigro, Cushing Maine)

View Down Elliot Street from Harmony Parking Lot, Brattleboro, Vermont, July 1994, ink and watercolor, 26″X15″ (owners of Pink Flamingo Boutique back in the day, Brattleboro Vermont)

My Favorite Tree, Marlboro, Vermont, April 1996, ink and watercolor, 22″X15″ (Danny Farkas, Thousand Oaks California)

The Valentine’s Day Meltdown on Elliot Street, Brattleboro, Vermont, February 1997, ink and watercolor, 22″X15″ (Russ Carlson, Jamestown New York)

View From Hidden Lake Mountainside in the Summer, Marlboro, Vermont, January 2005, acrylic, 50″X35″ (unknown customer, Vermont)

North Pond Road, marlboro, Vermont, February 2005, acrylic, 60″X45″ (unknown customer, Vermont)

The Orchard Field by Banks Road, Marlboro, Vermont, April 2005, acrylic, 60″X40″ (unknown customer, Vermont)

Back End of Horsetail Falls, Columbia River Gorge, Oregon, May 2006, acrylic, 20″X30″ (unknown customer, Vermont)

Multnomah Village, SW Portland, Oregon, May 2007, ink and watercolor, 22″X15″ (Bette Krueger, Beaverton Oregon)

Multnomah Falls, Columbia River Gorge, Oregon, October 2009, ink and watercolor, 26″X19″ (Mary Stark, Portland Oregon)

Hoffman Bridge, Scio, Oregon, August 2011, ink and watercolor, 15″X11″ (Steve Summers, Milwaukie Oregon)

SE 50th and Hawthorne St. Intersection, SE Portland, Oregon, September 2011, ink and watercolor, 22″X15″ (unknown customer, Portland Oregon)

Saint Johns Bridge, Portland, Oregon, December 2011, ink and watercolor, 26″X19″ (Andrea D’Amico, Hillsboro Oregon)

The Kenton, NE Portland, Oregon, March 2012, ink and watercolors, 30″X22″ (Bill Westover, Yacolt WA)

G Street, Turners Falls, Massachusetts, ink and watercolor, 22″X15″ (Isabel Huskey, Las Vegas NV)

Elliot Street After a Snowstorm, Brattleboro, Vermont, ink and watercolor, 22″X15″ (Pat Desocio, Glen Cove New York)

Alberta Rose Theater, NE Portland, Oregon, October 2013, ink and watercolor, 22″X15″ (Pat Desocio, Glen Cove New York)

SE Belmont Street, SE Portland, Oregon, May 2014, ink and watercolor, 22″X15″ (Pat Desocio, Glen Cove New York)

Reed College London Plain Tree, SE Portland, Oregon, November 2014, ink and watercolor, 22″X30″ (Patrick Smith, Salem Oregon)

Intersection of Jefferson and Bridge Street, Vernonia, Oregon, February 2015, ink and watercolor, 22″X15″ (Pat Desocio, Glen Cove New York)

Mount Angel Town Common, Mount Angel, Oregon, March 2015, ink and watercolor, 30″X22″ (Pat Desocio, Glen Cove New York)

Triple Falls, Columbia River Gorge Scenic Area, Oregon, ink and pastels, 11″X15″ (Sandra Snur, Salem Oregon)

Abiqua Falls, Scotts Mills, Oregon, ink and pastels, 30″X22″ (Patty Westover, Yacolt WA)

Woodstock, SE Portland, Oregon, May 2014, ink and watercolor, 22″X15″ (Todd Moritz, Tigard OR)

Laurelhurst Theatre, NE Portland, Oregon, May 2007, ink and watercolor, 22″X15″ (Chris Page, Portland OR)

Swifts at Chapman School, NW Portland Oregon, ink and pastels, 22″X30″ (Sue Songer, SW Portland OR)

Summer Night at the Baghdad Theater, SE Portland, Oregon, ink and watercolor, 22″X15″ (Spencer Stathis, Portland, OR)

White Oak Tree at SW Corbett Avenue, SW Portland, Oregon, ink and watercolor, 22″X30″ (Spencer Stathis, SE Portland OR)