Some are brand new, others from early or very early in my career. All are available as greeting cards, 11″X17″ prints, and possible future postcard sets.

Seven new ones are in my plans for 2020. Sunflowers, artichokes, chicory, and whatever other four inspire me.

Fireplace Collogue, oil pastels, 30″X22″, March 1991

Cosmic Onion, pencil and watercolor with real onion peels, 22″X30″, March 1992

Pileated Woodpecker, ink and watercolor, 9″X11″, December 1992

Night Roses, ink and watercolor, 11″X7″, February 1993

Wind, ink and watercolor, 9″X11″, December 1993

Carolina Tulip Tree, pencil and watercolor, 11’X15″, March 1994

More Poppies, pastels, 15″X11″, July 1995

Woodstove Fire, pastels, 15″X22″, November 1997

Study for Autumn Leave, ink and watercolor, 7.5″X11″, October 2018

California Poppy, ink and watercolor, 7.5″X11″

Crimson Clover, ink and watercolor, 7.5″X11″

Purple Bearded Iris, ink and watercolor, 7.5″X11″

Cran Boulet Iris, ink and watercolor, 7.5″X11″

White-Indigo Iris, ink and watercolor, 7.5″X11″

Climbing Roses, ink and watercolor, 7.5″X11″

Cream Rose, ink and watercolor, 7.5″X11″

Red Roses, ink and watercolor, 7.5″X11″