Framed prints or originals are usually shipped via UPS, most unframed pieces and all stationery goes by post office. 

Below is a summary of USA and Canada shipping costs for all items on this site. Unless otherwise noted, all shipping prices below are per single item. Contact me for rates if you want more than one item.

greeting cards = $2 for 1-5 cards, $4 for 6-10 cards, $5 for 11 or more cards

calendars and Althea’s Window Box and the Land of Slumber books = $4 per item for 1-3 copies, $10 for 4 or more.

* Shipping rates vary on framed items depending on where in the country they’re going, for now please send me your destination and I will give you the rate. 

11″X17″ print or original – $8, *$35 – $85 with frame 

22″X15″ print or original – $12, *$45 – $95 with frame

26″X19″ print or original – $15, *$55 – $100 with frame

22″X30″ print or original – $20, *$55 – $100 with frame

To pay online add up items you want, click the link below, and type in your shipping address and any other important details and messages.

Purchase art

If paying by mail send payment to:

Mason Parker

Suite 207, 1327 SE Tacoma Street, Portland, OR 97202




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