One day at our gallery we got paid a visit by the Vermont nudist society and they left us the summer issue of their publication which was loaded with beautiful photos of swimmng holes and waterfalls I had never heard of, motivating me to go explore the northern part of the state. I thought the photo of Crystal Falls with the old creamery covered bridge over it was classic Vermont scenery, would make a great picture, which oddly when arrived and looked downstream the brook had a strong Pacific Northwestern feel to it with the evergreens tilted into the increasing gradient.

I ended up moving to Oregon a few months later and not long afterwards I hiked the Opal Creek trail near Mill City and came to the little bridge in Jawbone Flats where Battleaxe Creek and Opal Creek meet, and scrambled down to see the waterfall underneath…

One of the stranger things I noticed after moving was that new versions of people from my old life, often with strong physical resemblences, started appearing like some rebooted continuity, but discovering that certain places and natural features had that mysterious ability too was even more surreal to me!

Both falls are of the same width, height, and shape, and have same sized bridges above them, and for all I know the original Flock Falls one could have been a covered bridge, as the passage was probably an important one back in its mining settlement days.

Though I had switched to mostly ink and pastels by this time, in honor of that experience I wanted to keep my rendition of Flock Falls in the spirit of it’s doppleganger and did the coloring in watercolors. The only thing I did differently is I had to do it from the left side of the river because I wanted to get the pouring flume in there which is as much an Oregon signature as a covered bridge is of the northeast.

Crystal Falls, Montgomery, VT, ink and watercolors, 22″X15″

Flock Falls, Jawbone Flats, OR, ink and watercolors, 22″X15″


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That’s all for 2017, though I will probably do that Saint Johns holiday one in the elementary school  if they put it on again this year.




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