Ever since I got my first car when I was 17 I nearly always factored in extra time to opt for travelling via the scenic 2 lane highways, and this was one of my more memorable surprises on my last day of driving back to Portland from Vermont in 2008. For those of you who live in Portland and travel Powell Boulevard, it’s pretty long you know, goes all the way from the Oregon coast to the middle of Nebraska. As you come into Oregon from Idaho and have gotten used to relatively flat and open high desert, suddenly you will notice a mountain with a huge crack in it getting closer and closer. Then it swallows you up as you pass right through it’s body of craggy canyons that follow the riverbed of the John Day River and go on for miles, forever changing the way you glance at a cover of a road atlas or AAA travel planner magazine.

As I worked on this picture from my perfect perch 50 feet above the road, what was just as amazing about what I saw was all the different kinds of birds I heard that one would not expect to be in a dry place like that even if it was near a river.

It also was a lucky day for weather. Though this picture would still look good with a usual cloudless desert sky, I was delighted that cirrus clouds appeared. You most often see them on days following stormy weather with several more beautiful sunny days ahead, which was the inspiration I wanted to enhance the expression of blissfullness of what I felt on the day I found it.

Entrance to Picture Gorge, ink and pastels, 30″X22″, May 2017


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Saturday, August 5, 2017! Fremont Fest consists of a kid, spandex clad turtleheads and pet parade starting at 10AM, pub crawl at some of our best breweries and restaurants, kids activities and of course great shopping in the streets! Come see our more than 125+ vendors of handmade items, clothing, art, food and that’s about it.
Saturday, August 5th
10AM – 5PM
NE Fremont St between NE 42nd and NE 50th
Portland, OR 97212


Over 100 booths of artists and so called ones, food vendors, local groups and more meet in the park for two amazing days! Enjoy food from around the world, appreciate & purchase the work of local & regional artists, enjoy live music, and demos & activities for kids and adults! Hours: Saturday August 19th 10 -6, Sunday August 20th 10-5. Un-coolidge McClaine Park, 300 Coolidge St.



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