If you like a particular painting I did and are curious about why I chose that cityscape or landscape, the actual scene versus how I portrayed it, what special techniques I used, what story it tells, how it fits in with my other work, what is unique about it, what I hope you paid special attention to, and what other viewers have said about similar ones I have done, then this page is for you.

More PDFs of artwork statements will be added in due time.

Crystal Falls (8-2006), Flock Falls (8-2017)

Gunn Falls (6-2006)

Shelburne Potholes (9-2006)

Steel Bridge (4-2007)

Wachella Falls (8-2007)

Clinton Corners (9-2008)

Sellwood Bridge at Dusk (9-2010)

Flying Pie Corner (5-2011)

Intersection of NE 24th & Broadway

Shimanek Bridge (8-2011)

The Cut (8-2011)

Hollywood District (9-2011)

Coin Corner and Hobby (9-2011)

Bridge Street Vernonia (10-2011)

Saint Johns Bridge (12-2011)

The Kenton (3-2012)

Route 47 Trestle (7-2012)

Swinging Railroad Trestle (10-2012)

Hawthorne Bridge (8-2013)

Fremont Bridge (8-2013)

Vista Avenue Bridge (8-2013)

Sauvie Island Bridge (9-2013)

Marquam Bridge (9-2013)

Morrison Bridge (9-2013)

Burnside Bridge (9-2013)

Willamette Avenue Water Towers (6-2014)

Proper Eats and Saint Johns Theater (6-2014)

Bertie Lou’s and Jake’s Place (6-2014)

Intersection of SW Broadway and Main Street (6-2014)

Tilikim Crossing Bridge of the People (10-2014)

Entering Oregon City (10-2014)

Reed College London Plain Tree (11-2014)

Intersection of Jefferson and Bridge Street (3-2015)

Mount Angel Town Common (4-2015)

View From Timothy Lake (4-2016)

Balconies at Silver Creek (5-2015)

Water Street (6-2015)

Bridge Street Sheridan (6-2015)

Intersection of Commercial and 8th Street (7-2015)

Downtown Hood River (7-2015)

Entering Mill City (7-2015)

Paisley (7-2015)

Abiqua Falls (6-2016)

Intersection of West Burnside and SW 2nd Avenue (9-2016)

Swifts at Chapman School (9-2016)

Sherar Falls (5-2017)

Entrance to the Sandy River Gorge (5-2017)

Alder Creek Rapid (5-2017)

Baby Bear Rapid (5-2017)

Molalla River Narrows (5-2017)

Table Rock Gorge (5-2017)

Entrance to Picture Gorge (6-2017)

Crooked River Gorge (6-2017)

Three Pools (6-2017)

Lewis and Clark River at Fort Clatsop (6-2017)

Banks Sawmill (6-2017)

Mount Angel Auto Werke (10-2017)