LATEST NEWS (9-7-2020)

Another debatable floral favorite of artists, sunflowers! In bouquets or growing in clusters, as well known as frogs or dragonflies. For at least as far back as Vincent Van Gogh, sunflowers have been as popular a subject for artists as irises. Inevitably my turn came, and I took two.

This completes my “Floral Mini Series” and the end result will be a small book of about 36 pages of flowers and borders that you can write or put photos in. And to make them available as greeting cards.

Traditional Yellow Sunflower

Claret Sunflower  



One thought on “LATEST NEWS (9-7-2020)

  1. You don’t have any notecards with the two pictures of the old Spiral Shop, do you?
    I still have a print of the one with the pond and teepee… and my “dragon”…
    Hope you are well

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