LATEST NEWS (4-4-2021)

Prints, books, and postcard sets are now available at my revived Etsy shop!

Even with being proud of what I do and the wide selection of Oregon art I offer, there is so much competition on Etsy, PLEASE share.

THE FLORAL MINI SERIES IS NOW COMPLETED, and available as a coloring book that is also a journal.

In any of the scenes of Massachusetts, Vermont, and Oregon I chose to paint over the last 30 years, including in snow and deserts,…plants or flowers were inevitably growing in them in some form.

This inspired me to do a separate mini series of my favorites, some of which I have featured on my home page and newsletters over the last two years, appropriately between the featured paintings of cityscapes and river scenes.

And the illuminated leafy borders that were originally intended for the insides of greeting cards.

I saved all the uncolored versions, and added some new in the process, ending up with 20 images and 20 bordered blank pages. Then designed the cover.

Great for use with colored pencils. Use the facing pages to draw freely or write your thoughts.

SEASONAL FLORALS coloring book, 20 images and 20 blank facing pages with illuminated borders. $15 each, $4 shipping anywhere in the USA.