LATEST NEWS (10-15-2020)

Mason Parker Watercolors returns, from a two month creative journey to Vermont and Massachusetts.

Back in 2006 I was working on a “Western Mass. Memories” body of work, that I got about halfway through before I shelved the project and moved to Oregon. The COVID19 crisis came and all my art shows for 2020 got cancelled, and I had many other reasons to be due for my first cross country drive in over a decade. This provided the perfect opportunity to finish those last dozen paintings! Plus, two more of the area that were commissions I got from people who saw me working live on the sides of roads.

Enjoy this visual preview of the inked version of “Brown & Roberts Hardware and First Baptist Church” while I edit the raw images and create artwork statements for each of the others. One new painting per website update will be featured here.

Brown & Roberts and First Baptist Church, ink, 15″X22″, Brattleboro, Vermont, August 2020